New Features in DG15 / Highlights

Over 170 Standard Fonts

  • Digitized by industry leading experts
  • Designed for high volume personalizations
  • 21 small fonts (between 2mm and 8mm)
  • Over 150 additional fonts are available as an option
  • Sequin, Rhinestone, Chenille fonts also available as option

Font Creator (Included in Maestro)

  • Convert digitized characters into an embroidery font
  • Control kerning and baselines to ensure flawless lettering

Create, Manage and Browse Designs

Constant access to all your designs from any mobile device

Embroidery Editor Application

Edit your designs from your mobile device

Monitor Machine Status

Keep an eye on your production floor from anywhere

Share Designs on Social Media

Share your designs directly on Facebook and Pinterest

Send Designs to Machine

Send a design straight to your embroidery machinefrom PulseCloud

DG15 Levels


Professional Design Creation

Advanced lettering and outline editing with standard digitizing tools


Ultimate Design Creation

Advanced VBE with automation and specialty stitch effects


Lettering and Outline Creation

Over 160+ Pulse fonts with detailed individual letter editing

Artist Plus

Expert Design Creation

Intricately detailed design effects and Special Artistic Options

Essential Features in All Levels

Standard Features of DG15

All levels of DG15 include essential digitizing features

Illustrator Extreme

Advanced Design Creation

Enhanced Drawing tools and Vector import

Other Decoration Methods


Creating sequin designs has never been easier. Simply draw or import artwork and convert to a sequin segment. DG15 offers a full suite of sequin tools to help you create dazzling designs with speed and ease. The Sequin Tool allows you to digitize for sequin as easily as you would for a running stitch.


With DG15, you can take your favorite images and embroidery files and place rhinestones over the design elements. Place rhinestones over the background of your favorite photograph or bitmap images to give them a radiant effect.


With DG15’s Chenille Option, you can apply lattice, spiro, moss or chain walk to any segments and quickly transform original artwork into creative chenille. Using wool, cotton or acrylic yarns, chenille creates a unique texture that sets your embroidery apart from common everyday embroidery designs. The Chenille Option also includes five fonts expertly digitized for chenille lettering.

Laser Appliqué

Use laser applique to create complex designs in less time and with greater accuracy whether you need really intricate patches, complex appliques in multiple colors or small lettering. Your embroidery design is sewn by the machine and then the laser will accurately cut the applique fabric without affecting the base garment.