New Features And Highlights

Unleash your creativity with Tajima DG16 by Pulse! DG16 offers more ways to creatively personalize products than ever before. Make any design uniquely your own with new fonts, features, stitch types and editing tools.

  • Ribbon Interface
    • Simplified user interface showing you only the tools relating to the segment selected.
    • Flyout menus to reduce clutter and expand your design area.
    • Fewer clicks to get to your desired result much quicker.

  • Personalization Toolbar
    • ColorIT allows for easy lightening, darkening or color tints.
    • WordIT transforms a simple shape into an artistic word collage.
    • Hundreds of pre-digitized emojis for creative and unique designs.

Pulse Fonts

DG16 offers an extensive collection of professional-quality embroidery fonts. Whether you’re adding lettering to an existing design, or digitizing a logo, you will find what you need from Pulse’s hundreds of exquisite fonts. Each Pulse font has been expertly digitized with satin or run stitches to create flawless lettering. These fonts are scalable and include a myriad of special and international characters to be easily customized for any design.

Try Our Fonts

Create, Manage and Browse Designs

Constant access to all your designs from any mobile device

New Online Designer

Edit your designs from your mobile device

Monitor Machine Status

Keep an eye on your production floor from anywhere

Share Designs on Social Media

Share your designs directly on Facebook and Pinterest

Send Designs to Machine

Send a design straight to your embroidery machinefrom PulseCloud

  • Over 180 high quality fonts with closest point connection.
  • Merge embroidery designs with advanced lettering and monogramming.
  • One design window with outlines and stitches using the powerful .pxf format.
  • Open and save to all popular embroidery formats.
  • Direct connection to Tajima, Barudan, Brother, SWF and ZSK embroidery machines.
  • Exclusive support for Tajima LAN-enabled embroidery machines.
  • Customized settings recipes for sewing on specific fabrics.
  • Edit designs by resizing, rotating or skewing.
  • Stitch by stitch editing.
  • Printed worksheets with barcodes and design information.
  • Draw Ribbon navigates a realistic simulation of stitches.
  • Increase production efficiency with barcoding and Design Spooler.
  • Multiple thread palettes that are customizable.
  • Exclusive access to PulseToday page.
  • Extensive hoop library.
  • Real time machine status and production reporting.
  • DrawFusion with CorelDRAW®.


Advanced vector functions, productivity-enhancing tools, and specialty stitch types.

The choice for highest-level digitizing and ultimate production

  • Complex Fill Modifier
    • Modify a complex fill by adding an area within the fill that has a different fill type or properties.
  • Spiral Fill
    • Use this feature to add a unique and customizable spiral element to any design.
  • Complex Satin
    • This is a new advanced stitch type that allows for gaps in satin shapes.
  • Cascade Stitch
    • Useful in designs where an aesthetic hand sewn look is desired.
  • Fur Stitch
    • This stitch type creates layers and adds randomness to mimic animal fur
  • Create Programmed Patterns
    • Use your creativity to prepare unique programmed fill patterns that you can use to truly make a design your own.
  • Auto Kerning Wizard
    • A new tool to quickly adjust font kerning.
  • Fractal Fill
    • Keep stitch count low as randomly placed run stitches stylishly cover large areas of a design.

Artist Plus

Create expressive embroidery with precision and speed.
Intricately detailed design effects and special artistic options.

The choice for advanced digitizers with a creative side to produce unique designs

  • Wave Fill
    • Give a realistic look to plant and animal designs with this new feature.
  • Line Carving
    • Add 3D effects to designs while reducing overall stitch counts.
  • Radial Fill Tool
    • Reposition the center point of segments and watch stitches radiate outwards from that point.
  • Programmed Pattern Editor
    • Take your control to the next level by editing existing programmed patterns for your desired look and feel.
  • Custom Cornering
    • Corners can be adjusted to different corner types with a simple click of the mouse, making high quality professional results easy to achieve.
  • Region Carving
    • Create a region within a segment with different properties and patterns than the fill background.
  • Elastic and Turning Stitch Effects
    • With turning, the pattern turns along the specified angle line and with elastic, the pattern is stretched to fit the width of the column.
  • Fix Gap Setting
    • Adds stitches to the ends of branched segments that will cover areas where a gap is present.

Illustrator Extreme

Advanced features and stitch effects for creating premium embroidery
Enhanced Drawing tools.

The choice for professional-quality digitizing.

  • Auto Color Blend
    • Easily blend any two thread colors together to create beautiful effects.
  • Branching
    • Digitize complex shapes while DG takes care of sequencing to reduce travel runs, jumps and trims.
  • Remove Overlaps
    • Remove overlapping stitches to avoid layering and costly production issues.
  • Automatic Overlap
    • Easily create overlaps on satin segments according to start and stop points.
  • Programmed Runs and Fills
    • Create linear and fill effects that add originality to your designs, including over 180 programmed patterns.
  • Graduated Density
    • Create interesting effects by defining different densities in one segment.
  • Snap to Artwork
    • Automatically snap the outlines of your design to the artwork you loaded.


Everything a new embroiderer needs to be successful
Advanced lettering and outline editing with standard digitizing tools.

The choice for users new to digitizing or experimenting with apparel decoration.

  • Vector Import
    • Import artwork from Adobe Illustrator® and CorelDRAW® and paste them directly into DG while preserving vector points and colors.
  • Unlimited Conversions
    • Convert segments between different stitch types without restriction.
  • Pen Tool
    • Create shapes quickly and freely with this user-friendly drawing mode.
  • Auto Trace
    • Easily convert images to Bezier curves and then into any available stitch type for rapid design creation.
  • Satin Path
    • Create beautiful satin stitches simple by defining a shape and assigning a stitch direction.
  • Complex Fill with Holes
    • DG will intelligently place stitches around void areas, preserving holes and creating flawless embroidery.
  • Run Stitch
    • Create outlines, lettering and borders with different types of run stitches including bean.
  • Brush Tool
    • Create unique calligraphy segments with tapered ends and change your stitch direction.


Personalization with Lettering and Outlines.
Over 180 Pulse fonts with detailed individual letter editing.

The choice for users who require text and monogramming features.

  • True Type Font to Satin
    • Convert any True Type font to satin or another available stitch type to instantly expand your lettering offerings.
  • Start Lock Stitches Inside for Text
    • Place lock stitches inside text segments to make them invisible.
  • Individual Letter Editing/Colors
    • Rotate, resize, skew and change the color of individual letters in one text segment.
  • DrawFusion
    • Combines the drawing power of CorelDRAW® with the stitch generation of DG in one window. Make changes to one, and they will be updated in the other.
  • Save Presets
    • Save your favorite settings for any stitch type and access them quickly and easily without having to remember them all.
  • Monogram Wizard
    • Select your letters, orientation, scale, font, frame and décor and DG will automatically create a beautiful monogram design.
  • Adjust Sew Sequence
    • Click and drag from the sequence view to change the order in which your design is stitched.
  • Fabric Recipes
    • Preinstalled settings to have the ideal underlay, density and push/pull compensation for different fabrics.

Machine Networking

Only DG16 provides exclusive support for Tajima LAN-enabled embroidery machines including displaying messages on the controller and setting the maximum machine speed. You can send designs to the machine without the need to manually program the needle sequence.

Why Network Your Machines?

  • It’s faster, significantly reducing downtime between jobs
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • All your designs are available in one place
  • Secure and backup your designs
  • Machine frame moves to correct position automatically
  • Display instructions on the control panel screen
  • Machine speed and needle bar order set automatically from the design
  • Download the next design in the queue automatically
  • Real time production status
  • Analyze efficiency of operators, machines and designs
  • Eliminate use of Diskettes or USBs for design transfer

Barcode Scanning

Design transfer and networking is even more efficient with a barcode scanner. Implementing a barcode scanning system for loading designs will save time and reduce production errors. You can pull designs directly from a folder, or print a page with many barcodes for mass personalization projects.

Multimedia Design Features


Make your sequin design unique with 12 different sequin styles and a variety of settings to determine the size and spacing of sequins. Sequin enthusiasts will enjoy the set of 4 specially punched sequin fonts (2 block and 2 script). Add automatic borders to create interesting effects and redefine your sequin lettering. Sequin fill will take the outlines you draw and automatically and intelligently fill them with sequins while preserving holes. This can be used with wave fills for a stunning sequin effect.


With the Chenille option you can apply lattice, spiro, moss or chain walk to any segment and quickly transform it into creative chenille embroidery. Automatic sequencing of chains and mosses for shapes with holes minimizes travel stitches and cleans up your design for optimal machine operation.

Taping, Cording, Coiling

Taping, cording and coiling are unique embroidery effects created using special embroidery heads available only on some Tajima machines. The embroidery head will twist the upper and lower threads together to create a special coiling stitch. These effects have been made easy with DG16, eliminating hours of manual effort. No need for detailed stitch editing to set up machine commands, now you can work in outline mode instead.

Seed Beads

This new method of decoration is becoming very popular, very quickly. Users with the Seed Bead machine attachment and software option will be able to create expressive designs by placing beads in a variety of styles and positions. The Seed Bead tool’s functionality will be familiar to those that already work with Sequin tools.


With DG16, you can take your favorite images and embroidery files and place rhinestones over the design elements. Place rhinestones over the background of your favorite photograph or bitmap images to give them a radiant effect.

Laser Appliqué

Use laser applique to create complex designs in less time and with greater accuracy whether you need really intricate patches, complex appliques in multiple colors or small lettering. Your embroidery design is sewn by the machine and then the laser will accurately cut the applique fabric without affecting the base garment.