Mississauga, Canada, Wednesday August 23, 2000
    Title: Pulse Microsystems Introduces StitchPort: Powerful E-commerce Technology for the Embroidery Industry.

    Pulse Microsystems has web-enabled the embroidery design creation process with StitchPort™ is a new Internet technology that lets you create embroidery designs in a web browser. The goal for is to help drive Internet embroidery sales by improving the interaction between online retailers and their customers and suppliers.

    Customers using StitchPort™ technology will have an interactive, easy, and fun way to create, customize, and view embroidery. StitchPort™ also improves the overall efficiency of the embroidery production process by using Pulse Microsystems’ embroidery networking technology to enable designs to flow directly from the customer to the production floor. StitchPort™ is the first product in the industry to combine the information sharing power and speed benefits of the Internet with powerful embroidery technology; providing a complete embroidery production solution.

    "StitchPort™ is the future of embroidery," said Brian Goldberg, President of Pulse Microsystems. "With StitchPort™, the time consuming and costly process of creating artwork and customizing embroidery designs can be achieved through a web browser, significantly reducing the length of a sales cycle and its cost." allows users to view a realistic 3D image of the chosen embroidery design on the garment of their choice. Users can also create a production-ready design with customized lettering of their choice. The StitchPort™ technology eliminates digitizing costs and operator error by generating stitch files directly from customer-entered information. Once the user has confirmed an order, StitchPort™ creates a production-ready file of the design that is placed on the Pulse Librarian web-accessed database for use, in any machine format, using the Passport Embroidery Network.'s advanced technology also allows users to upload a bitmap file and instantly view a realistic image of the embroidered garment with an estimated stitch count and an approximate selling price. According to Mr. Goldberg, " will reduce costs, shorten sales cycles and eliminate human error in the design creation process, providing a simple way for customers to place orders through the Internet."

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