A brand new collection of 30 premium quality fonts in an impressive variety of styles, this suite of fonts will meet virtually every need. Whether you need formal, elegant, serious, funky or elaborate fonts, we have them all in this font collection, and they all sew perfectly.

The elegant fonts in this collection, such as Bridal Path, are ideal for just about any occasion requiring a little style and sophistication. Casual fonts are ideal for projects that need the friendly, warm and personal touch. Try the funky Swirl or Bedrock for some fun jobs. The Wizards font is sure to impress fans of magic. Whatever your choice or need, the Font Medley is a great way to enhance your font collection.

All the fonts in this font pack have been digitized to provide optimum sewing connections between characters.

It doesn’t matter if the sew sequence is right to left, left to right, or center out, your lettering will always sew with optimum connections and without overlap between characters. The result is clean, sharp looking lettering that is ideal for use on caps or anywhere you want great looking lettering.

Click the images below for additional information on each font.

Fonts contain all or a subset of characters for the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic.

Ĉ Ď Ě Ľ Ň Œ Ř Š Ť Ů Ž č ď ě ľ ň œ ř š ť ů ž

Fonts work with Edition X / Version 10 and higher.
Fonts are available only as part of the Font Medley pack. Not available for individual sale.

Not available in all regions. Please check with your distributor for availability.