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New for Edition Xi: Training Videos

Training videos are now available for many of the tools in Tajima DG/ML by Pulse. Training videos are the quickest and easiest way to visually see a demonstration on how to use a tool correctly to maximize your benefit from it. Training videos are available for numerous tools in Tajima DG/ML by Pulse, in various languages and formats, so be sure to choose the one that’s
right for you.

Link to Training Videos

Sample Training Video: Auto Satin

Click the following file to play the video.
Auto Satin.wmv

The following is required to view the training video:
- Camtasia Video Codec
- Windows Media Player Version 9 or higher

To install the Camtasia Video Codec:
- Double click on the file TSCC.exe. This starts the setup for the Camtasia Video Codec
- Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation

Supporting Resources

Looking for information? Not sure where to turn? Check out the Pulse Knowledgebase and online Documentation area. Both provide helpful information and tips for working with Tajima DG/ML by Pulse.

Link to Knowledgebase

Link to Support Documentation

Be sure to click on What’s New from the PulseToday window in Edition Xi to view detailed instructions for using only those features new to Edition Xi.

Don’t forget about the Online Help within Tajima DG/ML by Pulse that contains step-by-step instructions for using each tool in the software. To access it, click on the Help menu and select Contents.

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