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Ultimate Design Creation: Full featured VBE with Automated Features and Specialty Stitch Effects

Maestro is the most sophisticated embroidery design package available today. Advanced VBE functions, automated productivity enhancing features, and specialty stitch effects provide the most powerful tools for creating breathtaking designs.

Key Features:

Advanced Automated Features

Automated functions speed up design creation. Auto Breakup slices complex segments and applies stitch directions to create perfect satin stitches. Auto Sequence optimizes the sewing order of a design based on user-defined criteria. Auto Start/Stop sets closest-point connections and automatically places entry and exit points on all selected segments.

Fur Stitch

Fur Stitch creates multiple layers of a jagged satin stitch eff ect that repeats through the shape, eff ectively mimicking animal and bird fur. To manually replicate the natural look of fur, a digitizer typically needs to spend a lot of time to place stitches manually, and vary the stitch length to create the randomness needed for fur. But with the fur stitch, it is now done automatically in a single step.

Cascade stitch

A series of concentric stitches that fill a shape along its contour, the cascade stitch is useful in designs where an aesthetic, hand sewn look is desired. Used with the programmed run, the cascade stitch creates a very textured fill.

Auto Color Blend

Blend two stitch colors together to create beautiful effects. Use graduated density to vary the stitch density across the satin and fill segments, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Turning & Elastic Effects

Create interesting stitch effects with Turning and Elastic carves. With Turning, the carved tile pattern turns along the angle lines you specify. With Elastic effects, a single pattern is stretched to fit the width of the column.

Fractal Fill

Keep stitch count low and watch as randomly placed run stitches stylishly cover large areas of a design.


This stitch mimics the traditional Blanket stitch that follows the path of the letter “E” along a line or a shape. It is widely used in applique and is also useful in creating embroidery designs like leaves, fl owers, and feathers. E-Stitch is also used as an edging around a satin path or complex fi ll shape.

Font Creator

Convert a collection of digitized characters into a ready-to-use Pulse embroidery font. Control kerning and baselines to ensure flawless lettering. Instantly expands your font collection.

Wave Fill

Create beautiful flowing stitches using the Wave Fill effect. Wave Fill follows the direction lines of any curves you draw.

Satin Swirl

Single and dual swirl effects add a nontraditional look to satin stitches. Perfect for use with cording designs.

Line Carving & Region Carving

Add depth and realism to designs with these fancy stitch effects. Line Carving is a great way to add 3-dimensionality to designs while reducing stitch counts. Use Region Carving to create a carved tile region that differs from the carved fill background.

Variable Stitch Density

Create interesting effects by defining multiple densities in a single satin or fill segment.

Librarian Central

Store your designs in a special, private Librarian database created just for you and hosted on our secure server, so you can access it anytime and anywhere using a browser. Create designs and save your designs directly in your Librarian database (you’ll need an internet connection to do so). Categorize designs by subject, stitch count, design specifications etc. for easy design retrieval. You’ll never waste time looking for a design again! As a special bonus, we’re including over 250 professionally digitized ‘Sapphire Collection’ designs that are already categorized in your Librarian Central design database.

Shape Artwork

Shape artwork tool allows you to Unite, Clip, Exclude etc so artwork can be manipulated and transformed with ease. It is easy to add the perception of a shadow to an artwork font (like you see in the image alongside), exclude intersecting areas in artwork, or add a steil border around the entire shape. Simply convert the segments to artwork, unite them, and convert to a steil. Shape Artwork gives you freedom to create interesting effects from artwork.


Collections of commonly used combinations of settings for each punching tool. Select the appropriate Preset for your tool, and the settings are automatically applied for you. Dramatically reduces digitizing time. Over 50 presets included in the software.