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Tajima Librarian by Pulse

Librarian users can find the exact design they need in less time than it takes to read this sentence. Can you do the same?

Chances are that your company does not have an efficient way to manage designs. Embroidery businesses typically deal with thousands of designs each year. Over time, these designs can accumulate into chaos, being stored on local computers, CDs, and floppy disks which are all over the place. Business processes become unproductive...looking for designs, wondering if the design at hand is the 'right' one. When finding the right designs takes a long time, you know you have a problem.

Does your business need a design management solution?

Imagine yourself in this scenario: An important customer is on the phone. They urgently need to re-order a design that was last done 18 months ago. Can you find the design at a moment's notice and email it to the customer for confirmation right away?

With Librarian, you don't need to look through hundreds of folders, disks or books to find the right version of the design. It is available in a few seconds, so you can answer design queries while on the phone!

Manage your digital assets with the Librarian suite of products.

Librarian is a Digital Asset management solution for embroiderers and screen printers. An efficient way to manage embroidery designs and artwork, it eliminates the need for disks or tapes, and delivers a design management solution to all sections of the organization.

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, Librarian helps you organize, manage, and find designs quickly.

Librarian allows multiple users to access a central design database over a network easily and efficiently.. so you will never waste time looking for designs, whether you share designs across the cubicle or across time zones!

Is it easy to use?

Librarian is easy to set up and easy to use. We have many pre-designed categories to classify designs (such as number of colors, stitch count, design ID, customer name, date last edited, etc.) and you can create your own categories for quick access to designs.

Easy navigation, few mouse clicks and robust architecture make Librarian perfect for both the power user and occasional user.

With i-Librarian, a user can access the designs over the Internet, using nothing more specialised than a browser, perfect for travelling salespersons, or for remote users.

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Key Features

Remote Access

Librarian allows many users to connect to the database, even remote users, based on the rights set up in the system. Using i-Librarian , the sales team can view designs in the database from a remote customer location and get the order approved instantly.

Design categorization

Designs are categorized in a very flexible manner, by design name, design type, customer name, user defined groups (animals, sports, flowers etc), design attributes (number of stitches, number of colors design size, designer's ID), custom categories and more. Find designs by entering keywords, digitizer's name, the date it was last modified, or any other criteria you prefer.

File attachment

Additional design information such as the original artwork, word processing, Fax documents, thread information and spreadsheets can be attached to a design for quick reference.

Store manufacturers thread colors with your designs for accurate production. Thread information such as the brand, color number, color order, start/stop points and the number of trims can be printed in the Production Worksheet.

All popular File formats supported

Librarian can store designs in all popular commercial embroidery and artwork formats.

Secure environment

Librarian provides a secure environment to share designs, as network administrators can control access with user Ids and passwords.

Industry standard technology

Librarian uses ODBC technology which allows for support for other database search engines such as MS® Access®, SQL® Server, Oracle®, FoxPro®, etc. Clients connecting to Librarian server can view, search, email, print, output to disk or embroidery machine, or read designs into any editing or digitizing system.

Mass load

The Mass load feature in Librarian allows one-click loading of thousands of designs (in any of over 17 file formats) directly into the Librarian database in a quick and reliable manner.

Don't play hide and seek with your designs.
Ask your Tajima representative about Librarian today!