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Tajima i-Librarian by Pulse

Use the convenience of the Internet to access Librarian server. With i-Librarian, a user can access designs and artwork stored in Librarian server using just a standard web browser.

i-Librarian is the ideal tool for your sales force

Sales staff and customers in remote locations can easily browse your design collection stored in Librarian. It is the perfect tool for travelling sales people, as they can display designs and finalize orders while at customer locations.

Designs can be viewed and printed in 3D, presenting a more realistic view of the designs to the customer.

Connected to the Tajima Librarian by Pulse Server, i-Librarian allows users to load, view, search, upload, categorize, print, email and more, using just a web browser.

i-Librarian is offered in client and viewer versions. The client version allows a user full rights to view, search, upload, categorize, print, email, transfer and download designs or artwork. The viewer allows a user to search, view, and transfer design/artwork to a machine or digitizing system.