Pulse Microsystems - Embroidery Software Solutions

Professional Design Creation with VBE and Digitizing tools

With the advanced lettering and outline editing features of Composer, plus professional design creation tools, Creator has everything a new embroiderer needs to be successful.

Key Features:


Easily convert images to Bezier curves and then to any available stitch type for rapid design creation. Supports adjustable color tolerance and hole recognition for precise results.


Create shapes quickly with this friendly digitizing mode. Shapes retain their Bezier nature for easy editing.

Satin Path

Create beautiful satin stitches by defining a shape and assigning stitch directions. Satin stitches lie beautifully and catch the light casting a luminous sheen on your embroidery. Perfect for embroidery lettering.

Complex Fill, with Holes

Easily create complex shapes with holes. The software intelligently places stitches around void areas, preserving holes, and creating flawless embroidery. Use any of the over 40 standard fill patterns for textured effects.

Run stitch tool

Create outlines, lettering and borders with the run tool. Run stitch types include Two-Ply, Bean, Half Bean (With Start and Stop beads for Run).

Load and Manipulate images

Load images to use as a backdrop for easy digitizing.

Cross-stitch Tool

Create the look of hand-sewn cross-stitch with ease.

Jagged Edge

Add realism to designs with Jagged Edge.Perfect for blending fur, feathers, and forcreating natural-looking effects.

Slice Tool

Slice satin segments for greater control over angle lines and stitch directions of closed and difficult shapes.

Email Design

Automatically generate an e-mail with a .jpg image of the design, the .pxf and .dst files, and the design worksheet. Great way to send proofs to customers.

Automatic Appliqué

Mix interesting fabrics with embroidery for unique creations. Automatic Appliqué creates the run, tack down, and border stitches for the shapes you draw. Use E-stitch or any of the available programmed runs as the border style. Preview the fi nal applique result with the actual fabric used in the design, right on your screen.

Segment Alignment

Align segments vertically and horizontally in one step and save time.

Cross-Stich Wizard

Convert artwork into beautiful crossstich designs that resemble hand-sewn embroidery. Use the wizardís step-by-step instructions to convert photographs and bitmap images into cross-stiches.

Quotation Estimator

This handy wizard uses design properties and user-defined variables- like cost per stitches, fabric cost, time per trims, machine set-up costóto compile a printable design quotation for the customer. Included is a 3D rendering of the design on the chosen garment.