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Powerful embroidery software, the choice of professionals

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse is the world’s most technologically advanced embroidery software. Innovative, Intelligent and Interactive, the latest version of Tajima DG/ML by Pulse works even more efficiently with vectors from graphic programs like CorelDRAW® and Adobe® Illustrator®.

Key Features:

1. True Vector Based Embroidery

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse is the only true vector based embroidery software available in the industry today. Other software manufacturers claim to work with vectors- but, challenge them to a few basic tests and you will immediately know the difference.

Bezier Support : Beziers are curve controls that make your lines like elastic bands, and allow you unlimited freedom in creating and manipulating shapes. You can adjust the shape of the curve, change the direction, move nodes, duplicate it-you have unlimited power. Once you are happy with the shape, convert it into embroidery.

2. Vector Import

Only Tajima DG/ML by Pulse allows you to bring in vectors from popular graphics programs like CorelDraw® and Adobe® Illustrator®, while preserving color and control points, and convert them into embroidery in a few mouse clicks. Vector Import, Cut and Paste Vector Formats, Draw Fusion, AutoTrace, and AutoDigitize as Artwork features give you complete flexibility to convert vectors into embroidery.

Draw Fusion works with CorelDRAW® dynamically to create embroidery from artwork. Update artwork without needing to re-do the embroidery.

3. Unmatched Lettering Features

Automatic Kerning gives you perfect spacing between letters. Unlimited text manipulation and baseline support-change baselines (arc to straight), without recreating the text segment.

Special Monogram Fonts plus unlimited access to True Type fonts makes it easy to create personalized monogramming text.

Small Lettering is a challenge even for an experienced embroiderer- so we have specially digitized small fonts that work perfectly, even at 4mm.

4. World Renowed Stitch Quality, With Advanced Quality Control Features

Advanced Pull Compensation: Adjust compensation along both x and y axes so embroidery does not distort and always looks clean and crisp.

Custom Cornering: Create high quality Satin corners by choosing from a variety of styles.

Advanced Underlay: 4 different types of automatic underlay with full user control over settings and underlay order.

Only Tajima DG/ML by Pulse supports Eccentric Sequin.

5. Industry's Most Advanced Sequin Features

Sequin tool, Automatic Sequin fill, Freeplace Sequin, Eccentric Sequin, Color Change Sequin, Color Change Sequin Fill, and Sequin fonts. Tajima DG/ML by Pulse offers advanced sequin features to embellish garments, so you can take advantage of the soaring popularity of sequins worldwide.

6. Industry Leading Chenille Tools

Spiro, Lattice, Swirl, Dual Swirl stitch types and 5 specially digitized Chenille fonts. Automatic sequencing of chains and mosses for shapes with holes minimizes travel runs so designs run cleanly on machines.

7. Automatic Tools To Enhance Productivity and Quality

AutoBreakup slices selected segments and assigns angle lines automatically.

Auto Sequence automatically and optimally sets the sewing sequence for segments based on the parameters you specify.

Auto Start/Stop determines the closest entry and exit points for each segment in the selection.

Branching optimally sequences top stitching and underlay for Satin, Steil and Run segments, with a single start stop point while minimizing planning the sequence beforehand.

8. Decorative Stitch Effects

Auto Color Blend, Graduated Density, Fireworks, Radial stitch, Wave fill, Elastic and Turning Carves, Satin Swirl, Programmed Runs and more. Produce detailed effects using a variety of stitch types. Whatever look you need, Tajima DG/ML by Pulse can create it.

9. Ambassador

This easy to use application packs a lot of punch. Ambassador is built on the same stitch engine as our top of the line embroidery software. Digitizers using Tajima DG/ML by Pulse can use this application to let their customers view designs in 3D, print production worksheets, clean short stitches, change size and density, change design colors and convert designs to all popular commercial and home formats.

10. Librarian Design Management And Passport Networking Solutions

Librarian helps users manage designs (embroidery or artwork) for business efficiency. Our suite of solutions includes something for everybody- from small businesses to large companies with multiple locations. Design Manager, included in most levels of Tajima DG/ML by Pulse software, is a powerful tool to organize and manage designs.

Passport Networking Solutions integrate every facet of the embroidery operation. Users can access, search and send designs across a network to multiple machines, eliminating the need for floppy disks and tapes. Get status from Tajima serial and LAN machines, and access production reports to help you better manage the shop floor.

11. World Class Support

Pulse Community, Training CDs, Training videos, Distributor newsletters, Pulse Today, Competitive Comparison document, Demo CD, and more. Information is power and helps distributors and customers alike. Nothing is more valuable than getting information and support at the time it is needed.

12. Technological Leadership And Constant Innovation

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse offers new maintenance and release versions of the software at regular intervals, giving customers the benefit of new technology and innovation. We listen to customer and distributor needs and keep ahead of the technology curve so everyone benefits from new productivity and efficiency tools.